Making an impact on human health together

Do you get excited about solving complex scientific problems and making a positive impact on healthcare? Do you also take pride in your work and delivering the best quality of work possible? And do you enjoy working in a team of professionals in a fun-loving, open and honest working environment, where you get the chance to become the best version of (professional) you? 

If that is YOU, then it is YOU we have been looking for!


At DDL you are offered the opportunity to grow, develop and become a specialist in your field of expertise. You are the key to delivering top quality to our customers.


With your important contribution and our groundbreaking molecular tests and clinical trials, we, together with our customers, are able to make a big impact on healthcare all over the globe. 


To help you achieve your best results possible, we offer you a fun, open, honest and friendly work environment, in combination with a good balance between work, happiness and health.

About us

Stripes earned. DDL is known for its state-of-the-art expertise of design, development, validation and application of diagnostic methods for human diagnostics. Not only are we recognized by pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, diagnostic laboratories and key opinion leaders as a top-quality diagnostic service & development company; we are also valued as a reliable business partner that provides superior service.

Our employees. We are proud of our employees and they are proud of us. To us it is simple: our employees are the most important part of our company. We are fully aware of the fact that they are key to our success and delivering the top quality our customers’ have come to know and love. Our employees are highly motivated, flexible and they enjoy working in a challenging and dynamic environment where teamwork is essential. We offer a good benefits package and additional perks. 

Growth, impact and fun! At DDL we focus on the three pillars Growth, Impact and Fun. That is why we offer all of our employees the opportunity to grow, develop and become a specialist in their field of expertise. That way they can continue to make an important impact on healthcare with their top-quality contribution. And because we all know that happy employees achieve most, we offer them a fun, positive and dynamic environment, where work, happiness and health are well-balanced.

If you happen to share our passion for quality, complexity, science, teamwork, having fun and making the world a healthier place, DDL is the right employer for YOU!